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I am a visual artist and social practitioner who explores belonging, resilience, and other dimensions of psychological well-being by engaging communities in participatory research. These cooperative processes inform artworks in drawing, calligraphy, printmaking, publishing, public art, flags, banners, and more. My goals are to create ethical and equitable social entanglements, and creative ways to gather and disseminate local knowledge.

In Solidarity with Freedom Fighters of Iran

illustration of three Iranian women; their hair spells out Womxn Life Freedom in green, white and red.


Now through 3/17/2023: Christine Wong Yap: Recognitions / 认 • 知 @ California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA.


2/4/2023 Parade & 2/7–4/1/2023 Exhibition: How I Keep Looking Up/Como Sigo Mirando Arriba/仰望, Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco.


Mindscapes artist-in-residence at large; NYC, Berlin, Tokyo, Bengaluru. (International zine exchange launch scheduled for spring 2023.)

Contributing artist, Color Factory, Houston, NYC, and Chicago.


5/7–11/6/2022: Newly commissioned banners on view in Something in Common, Getty Gallery, Central Library, LA Public Library, Los Angeles, CA.

Now available: Design for Belonging by Susie B. Wise (Stanford Speed Press).

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