All the Steps in the Process

All the Steps in the Process: a research project on collaboration is a series of hand-lettered drawings, wood furniture, and a ’zine examining working creatively with other people.

I conducted six interviews with eight artists from Wichita, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York. With the help of Harvester Arts and Calie Shivers, I initiated a survey completed by 50 people near and far. This research is reflected in hand-lettered drawings exhibited alongside process sketches in an exhibition design inspired by publication layout. The survey data is visualized and longer excerpts of the interviews are compiled in CO-LABORATION, a 28-page ’zine I edited and designed.

Download the ’zine, CO-LABORATION (PDF, 1.1 MB). Hardcopies available ($5).

I built a pair of reading desks and stools for reading the ‘zine, and a bench for viewing examples of collaborative works submitted by local artists, writers, and media-makers. Participating artist-collaboratives are Amanda Pfister & Manda Remmen; Jennifer Koe & Nathan Filbert; Ann Resnick with Bethel Kidrun retirement community residents; Kevin Mullins in response to the work of Anne Schaefer; and Jessica Wasson, Patrick Calvillo, Alex Thomas, Ian Blume, Gray Brand, Bernardo Trevizo, Drew Davis, Jordan Kirtley, Peter James, and Tim Maggard. A list of their works can be found here (PDF, 35 kb).

All the Steps in the Process was on view from April 24 to May 17, 2015 at Harvester Arts, 215 North Washington Avenue, Wichita, KS.

It was developed with the support of a Harvester Arts residency from April 8 to 24. Special thanks to Harvester Arts; co-founders Kristin Beal, Kate Van Steenhuyse, and Ryan W. Gates; supporters including Sean Anderson, Mark Van Steenhuyse, Calie Shivers, and Bernardo Trevizo; sponsors and funders; and everyone who attended the events. Thanks to Kevin B. Chen, Amanda Curreri, Leeza Meksin and Eleana Anagnos, Armando Minjarez, Elizabeth Travelslight, and Linnebur & Miller, and survey respondents for sharing your wisdom. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Caption: Christine Wong Yap, All the Steps in the Process: a research project on collaboration, 2015, drawings, furniture, and ’zine, dimensions variable. Various artist-collaborators’ submissions screening as video.