Ways and Means

In Ways and Means, the public is invited to interact with letterpress-printed activity kits, collaborative games, and custom garments exploring interdependence and resourcefulness.

The project includes collaborations with Leah Rosenberg, Elizabeth Travelslight, and Sarrita Hunn (Institute for Autonomous Practices). It builds upon past projects on interdependence and collaboration (thanks to those supporters and survey respondents). The title is inspired by the feeling of confidence upon entering a new situation—that one has the skills, past experiences, and the support of others to overcome or circumvent unknown challenges and unfavorable odds.

Caption: Christine Wong Yap with Leah Rosenberg, Elizabeth Travelslight, and Sarrita Hunn (Institute for Autonomous Practices), Ways and Means, 2016, mixed media installation with letterpress printed activities and screenprinted custom garments, dimensions variable. Supported by a Fellowship from Kala Art Institute and an Artist-in-Residence Workspace Grant from the Center for Book Arts.

Sincerest gratitude to Kala, especially Archana Horsting, Yuzo Nakano, Carrie Hott, Paper Buck, Ben Engle, Andrea Voinot, and Mayumi Hamanaka; the Center for Book Arts; Val Imus and Southern Exposure; Kevin B. Chen and Genevieve Quick; Sarrita Hunn, Leah Rosenberg, Elizabeth Travelslight; Gary, Katrina and Sean (Jiajun Wang); Sophia Wong; Michael Yap; and Susan O’Malley (in memoriam).

Ways and Means was exhibited in Appro-propagation, Residency Projects: New Work by 2015-2016 Kala Fellows, at Kala Art Institute.

Some parts were printed in the Center for Book Arts’ Artist-in-Residence Workspace Grant
Photos by Jiajun Wang & Christine Wong Yap.
With sewing Assistance by Sophia Wong.