a handle, a stem, a hook, a ring, a loop

a handle, a stem, a hook, a ring, a loop was a collaborative installation by Lauren Frances Adams and Christine Wong Yap of imaginative objects and paintings that explore desire, loss, and non-attachment.

Adams and Yap share interests in how objects and possessions are imbued with meaning.

Garages often serve as surplus storage, but the lack of excess space in NYC inspired Wong Yap to make papier-mâché piñatas of objects that she would like to own but cannot store, such as cooking appliances and woodworking tools. The exhibition culminated with a ‘non-attachment piñata party,’ where the public was invited to hit and destroy the piñatas in a gesture of letting go.

Adams invited strangers to submit a story of their personal desires and burdens to prompt a painting, resulting in a display of the finished artworks that will be exchanged with the storytellers. Inspired by the exchange found at garage sales and on internet websites like Craigslist, Adams performed a ‘service’ to solicit the hidden appreciations and antagonisms between strangers and their possessions. Read the collection of all stories at somethinglostortolose.tumblr.com.

Caption: Lauren Frances Adams and Christine Wong Yap, a handle, a stem, a hook, a ring, a loop, 2015. Part of Whitney Lynn: Rummage, at Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks to Lauren Frances Adams, Shauna Sorensen, Whitney Lynn, Open Source Gallery, Monika Wührer, Michael Yap, and all participants!