From Bad to Worse

Shittiness-Goodness Key, 2007, graphite on paper, 22 x 30
	    inches / 56 x 76 cm

Shittiness–Goodness Key, 2007, graphite on paper, 22 x 30 inches / 56 x 76 cm

A key for ranking daily life events with points from -4 to +4.

In the Shittiness–Goodness series, I chart events in my daily life that reflect my ambivalence between optimism and pessimism.

Caption: Christine Wong Yap, Shittiness–Goodness series, 2006–2007, graphite with colored pencil or gouache on paper, 17 x 14 inches up to 44 x 30 inches / 43 x 35 cm up to 111 x 76 cm each.

From Bad to Worse documents shitty chance experiences. It offers a glint of schadenfreude and humor—a mild ameliorative in light of the overwhelming impossibility of transcendence.

Articulating a pessimistic worldview. Squeezed between the paradox of immediate gratification and constant economic pressure, I am concerned with being destined for disappointment. I believe shittiness arises from personal dimensions—compounded day-to-day events and a petty, selfish and impatient attitude—as well as social ones—myths like freedom and the rich, carefree life. Surprisingly, the process of making this work gives me a healthier perspective by acknowledging that daily tribulations are universal.

Caption: Christine Wong Yap, From Bad to Worse series, 2006–2007, Epson Ultrachrome print, 20 x 16 inches / 51 x 41 cm each.