Systems, Structures, Policies, & Practices

What supports your top three activities? How?

Social Support via Government, Policies, Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Resources

  • Re-zoning of Chinatown (helps set the ‘borders’ of Chinatown, delays gentrification, protects tenants and businesses). Non-profits (social services, art, development, etc.—takes care of people day-to-day). —Hoi
  • Small businesses, government support, donors and sponsorships. —Celia*
  • 舊金山政府部門及銀行等。Government and banks. —Alina
  • We have lots of NGOs, art and cultural events, etc. —YY
  • 中華文化中心,華埠商會,華協中心。Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chinatown Community Development Center. —Alina
  • 星島日報及中華文化中心 Sing Tao Daily, Chinese Culture Center. —Pam*

Economy Supported by Tourism

  • The common idea that Chinatown is a tourist destination. —Hoi

Transit, Accessibility

  • Parking, good walking shoes. Sidewalk accessibility. —Annie Yee


  • One can find art and culture at any budget in Chinatown. —Caroline Cabading

Individuals and Communities

  • Supportive mentors, creators, and artists. —Cat*
  • I believe the Asian-American community itself has supported all of my top three activities. In my personal lifestyle, I have a lot of Asian-American friends of all ethnicities, whom I love and keep my connections strong with. —Ket


  • Chinatown is embracing and tolerant. —YY

What hinders your top three activities? How?

Government, Policies

  • Government bureaucracy. —Celia*
  • Permits. —Hoi
  • Being left out of decision-making processes that affect our lives and neighborhoods means we become passive participants or recipients instead of drivers, co-creators, and community leaders. —Carlos Zialcita
  • Lack of resources. Graffiti. Trash. Policies that value developers and profit over community. —Cat*

Affordability, Economics

  • Chinatown businesses are struggling to survive. —Celia*
  • Gentrification. —Hoi

Arts & Culture Resources

  • Scarcity of funding to support continuous arts and cultural activities. —Celia*
  • There should be funding and resources or acknowledgement of the street musicians playing traditional instruments. —Carlos Zialcita [INSERT IMAGE from ALLEYWAY]
  • Artists and nonprofit orgs need to support their own art and culture. There’s an environment of doing things for ‘free,’ not valuing what art and culture brings, and inadequate investment into the arts. —Cat*

Transit, Accessibility

  • The environmental conditions hinder an easy commute to Chinatown. —Mimi*
  • Access is difficult. I would love to bring my two kids with me to explore, but public transit is not well integrated from where I live. It would require multiple transfers for me to get there. —Ernesto

Social Justice, Racism, Othering

  • Xenophobia and racism (from the coronavirus) also threaten the longevity of locally-owned businesses in Chinatown. —Mimi*
  • Racism. (I'm writing this as the coronavirus is ongoing.) —Hoi
  • Outside biases (it’s hard to convince some friends to join me in Chinatown). —Sheng
  • Environmental injustice. —Sheng
  • A perception that the cultural events are only for Chinese people. —Sunmin