What would you like to see in the future in Chinatown? Do you have any hopes, dreams, or fears about Chinatown’s future?


  • I hope people continue to care for Chinatown. I dream that Chinatown will be a safe space to be ourselves, play, and make mistakes. —Hoi
  • More security and protection. I fear for the elderly as targets of crime. —Natalie Shew
  • Safety for the residents and visitors of Chinatown. Rent control to keep less gentrification. More low income housing. —Annie Yee
  • I hope no more people avoid being seen as being from Chinatown, and everyone can embrace their identity of Asian descent. —Xianzhi Fred Hua

Transit, Accessibility, Public Space

  • Less cars. More pedestrian friendliness. —Natalie Shew
  • I would love to see streets closed to car traffic so that people can take over the streets. —Ernesto


  • I fear gentrification will turn Chinatown into a hollow, less vibrant place without a distinct personality or culture. —Cat*
  • Fears: Non-inclusive, inequitable planning, unchecked economic development, gentrification, displacement. Community self-determination is important! —Carlos Zialcita


  • 希望看到繁榮,安全,整潔的華埠,帶給本地華人及海外遊客歡樂 I hope to see the prosperous, safe and clean Chinatown, bringing joy to the locals and tourists. —Pam*
  • 我希望看到人們安居樂業,一派祥和的景象。我期望華埠从内涵到外貌都能與時俱進。既保留優秀的中華文化傳統,又能融入當代的藝術文化,吸引更多的世人目光。 I hope to see people living and working in peace and harmony. I expect Chinatown to keep pace with the times from its content to its appearance. It’s not only about retaining the excellent Chinese cultural tradition, but also integrates into contemporary art and culture, attracting more people's attention. —Alina
  • I would love to see more ‘attractions’ for locals. —Ernesto

Revitalization and Attracting Younger People

  • More young people, more energy. —YY
  • I hope that Chinatown can be revitalized and become a place where young people come back to reinvest in the neighborhood. —Mimi*
  • It is a place where young people want to be, feel at home in, get excited to go (not just for nostalgia), and want to invest in its future. —Cat*

Diversity, Empowerment

  • I would like to see cohesive planning to not only attract tourists, but also... revitalize and share the history of all the people who lived in Chinatown. —Annie Panlibuton
  • I hope more people can see diverse aspects of Chinatown and listen to their stories. —Weiying Yu
  • Chinatown is a very strong community and I have no doubt that it will continue to thrive for many years to come. I would like to continue to see more exhibits about the community. —Natalie Shew
  • Identity, equity, and inclusion are increasingly important, morally and economically. Honoring our own diversity and wisdom, voice, and experience of diverse neighborhoods. —Carlos Zialcita
  • Less discrimination, more understanding. —YY

Art & Culture

  • I dream that there will be many art spaces and places to support diverse arts experiences and needs. There is so much need in Chinatown, and there is not enough to support everyone. I would like to see us get to a place where arts have a strong voice. —Cat*
  • I would love to see live performances in public spaces. —Ernesto

How else does art and culture in Chinatown impact you?

Art and culture in Chinatown inspire me to stay grounded. Serving the community to me is the art of continuing the history and culture of this unique neighborhood. —Sunflower

It allows me to see Chinatown as a part of a shared experience. The poetry, music, images, and stories are sources of empathy and connection. These shared experiences speak to our deepest values and strengthen my community identity—our civic energy is unlocked… I can become the author of my own history/neighborhood. —Carlos Zialcita