Alive & Present: Cultural Belonging in S.F. Chinatown & Manilatown is a 56-page comic featuring real contributors’ perspectives on belonging.

It features:

  • 3 illustrated maps of 26 places of belonging
  • 5 personal histories: remembrances of special bonds with grandparents, family vacations, and memories of Manilatown and the I-Hotel
  • 4 spotlights on places of belonging: Portsmouth Square, Stockton Street, a boba café, and a youth empowerment program
  • 6 popular art and culture activities such as Lunar New Year, walking, listening, and—of course—eating!

Contributors: Annie Panlibuton, Annie Yee 余麗娟, Bijun, Carlos Zialcita, Caroline Cabading, Cat*, Celia*, Ernesto, Hoi 梁凱瑤, Ket, Mei*, Mimi*, Natalie Shew 蕭婷婷, Pam*, Sheng, Sunflower, Sunmin, Xianzhi Fred Hua 华先之, YY.

Comics conceived and drawn by Christine Wong Yap 葉黄嘉雯.
Translations by Zhu & Weiying Yu 于濰穎.
Afterword by Hoi Leung 梁凱瑤.

Alive & Present will be available in Chinese and English. It will be released in October.

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