Our call for participation was open from November 28, 2018 to January 2, 2019.

While new submissions may not appear in the current iteration of the project, you are welcome to submit your story via the Google Form.

Not Sure What to Write?

Don’t worry! The submission form is a customized questionnaire. You’ll be guided through questions that depend on:

  • If you feel (or have felt) a sense of belonging in the Bay Area.
  • If you carry a sense of belonging with you.
  • Neither of the above.
hand writing on a page. thought bubble with two people embracing

Four Reasons to Share Your Story

  1. Your insights support a broader understanding of what is needed to support belonging in a changing Bay Area.
  2. Your story reflects a more inclusive Bay Area. It helps us see the Bay Area—who’s here, what places matter—from your perspective.
  3. Self-reflection can connect us with ourselves. When we’re more self-aware, we can be more intentional about the spaces we co-create.
  4. If your story is included in the book, you’ll receive a copy!

*If you want to add anything to your submission, such as drawings or how-to instructions, email them to .