I started exploring belonging last year, during a five-week residency at the Sanitary Tortilla Factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That project resulted in a 13 handlettered signs and a ’zine. Learn more.

image of belonging sign #1 at 2nd Street SW, in front of a coffee house and bike rack. Text of the sign: 'A Place of Belonging #1, we all belong here. Thriving, welcoming, and supportive of artists and creators. I feel more empowered and whole-nourished. JL.' image of a belonging sign at the head of a desire trail to th middle rio grande. Text of the sign: A Place of Belonging #5. we all belong here. In my neighborhood I can be myself and I can connect with and be of service to my community. BB. Un lugar de pernenencia. todos pertenencemos aquí. En mi barrio, puedo ser yo mismo, me puedo conectar con mis vecinos y puedo estar a su servicio.t

Two examples of hand-painted signs commemorating places of belonging in Albuquerque, NM in a 2017 project.

I also created a project to explore belonging in the Bay Area in Take Action, an exhibition at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

where do you feel belonging in the bay area. photo of a wall in a gallery. there's a map of the bay area painted on the wall, with a shelf with pins. there are cards marking specific places in the bay area.

Participants added their place of belonging to a map of the Bay Area (seen here on opening night).

I’m originally from the Bay Area, and have lived in the North Bay, Penninsula, and East Bay before relocating to Queens in 2010. I’ve returned regularly for family, friends, residencies, and exhibitions.

Process Notes

Want to learn more about my process? I’ve been posting regular process and research notes on my blog.

For example: