100 Stories of Belonging in the S.F. Bay Area

100 Stories of Belonging in the S.F. Bay Area, from the Belonging Project, by Christine Wong Yap and contributors, with a Foreword by Evan Bissell

One hundred contributors share their stories of belonging in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hear from an Iranian American who felt at home in the bohemian spirit of North Beach; Chinese dissidents grateful for the rule of law and clean air in Fremont; and a resident who volunteered during the wildfires in Santa Rosa. More contributors share how they carry their sense of belonging with them, by knowing who they are, or finding a deep sense of awe or interconnectedness.

Each story highlights certain qualities of belonging, such as autonomy, safety, meaning, self-worth, and well-being. Fifteen of these qualities appear in a color-coded index with findings.

The stories are complemented with artworks by Christine Wong Yap: nine maps of places of belonging (organized by nature, athletics and play, arts and culture, neighborhoods, learning and working, faith and healing, homes and housing), 25 hand-lettered certificates, and six hand-printed bandannas.

116 pages in full color, edited and designed by the artist.

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Contributors to the book receive a complimentary copy, and for additional copies, a discounted price of $15 per book + $3 postage & handling within the US.

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inside front cover of book with a map of places of belonging in the Bay Area Table of Contents: Contributors. Preface. Foreword: Why Would a Research Institute have an Artist in Residence? by Evan Bissell. Stories of Belonging. Qualities of Belonging. Places of Belonging. Nature. Athletics & Play. Arts & Culture. Neighborhoods. Learning & Working. Faith & Healing. Homes & Housing. Carried Belonging. Envisioning Belonging. Qualities of Belonging Index. Afterword. Acknowledgments. Methodology. spread of book pages 12-13, Qualities of Belonging key, 15 qualities appear in a Venn Diagram on the left, and in a color-coded list on the right Stories of Bleonging section opener, with a collage of photos from the process, including writing workshops, screenprinting, drawing, letterpress printing, handlettering, installing the certificates, etc. map of locations of belonging in the SF Bay Area related to athletics and play spread of book pages 14-15, of two stories of places of belonging: aquatic park cove and unity queer skate day. both are accompanied by photos of handlettered certificates in their respective locations, such as next to a boat that says rowing club, or in unity press which is a studio with the walls papered with prints and artworks spread of book pages 74-75 for carried belonging, featuring a story of belonging by NYYLY, with a bandana featuring a quote spread of book pages 86-87 from the qualities of belonging index, showing the 15 color-coded qualities as well as the entry for accepted


Abby, Aiyu Xing, Alex and Fitz, Alex Mabanta, Alex Rodriguez, Anais Isabel De Los Santos, Andrea Wise, Angela Campbell, Angela Jernigan, Anne Meade, Anonymous, Ashley Kwan, Avery Van Der Steur, B, Basil, Becca, Billy White , Blythe Feeney, Cameron , Catherine, Chao Zhang 張超, Cody, Cressida Collins, Criya, Cynthia Bird , Denis, Cefrain, and Derek, Donte, Dorrie Reid, Dylan, Edgar, Saúl, and Felipe, Elena Kiseleva , Elizabeth Travelslight, Emily, Eric Talbert , Felicia Kuan, Fina, Fu Liu , Gen, Hoi, Iliana, Isaac, J. Fever, Janay, Jane, Janny Castillo , Jeison and Aureliano, Jerome, Jesus , John Cartwright, Jordan Dawkins, Josh Cousins, Justin, Kai, Kate, Kate Rhoades, Kevin B. Chen, Koby, Larnie Fox, Lay, Lee Oscar Gomez , Leslie Samson-Tabakin, Lillian, Liza, Lizz, Loralei, Lordy Rodriguez, Malani, Mary Lou Favela, Mary V. Marsh, Megan Ramirez, Michael, Michele Rabkin, ML, MyMy , Nala, Nicacelly , Nicolas, Niko, NYYLY, Oliver, Oliver, Rachel Formella, Remington Penaranda, Rodney Ewing, Sam Laughter , Sasha Graham, Sidonie Roddam, Simon, Simone, Spookes, Steven Barich, Termeh Yeghiazarian, Tianshi Chen 陳天石, Torreya Cummings, Tracy Lam-Hine, Veruschka, William Rhodes, Xiang Li (Alice), YY, Zheng Fang

Credit: Christine Wong Yap, 100 Stories of Belonging in the S.F. Bay Area, 2019, digitally printed book, 116 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Developed as inaugural artist in residence at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society.