Belonging is a community-engagement, participatory project with three components: storytelling workshops with immigrant groups to elicit personal stories of place, home, and belonging; site-related place markers with excerpts of narratives and creative response activities; and a ‘zine (self-published magazine) with a map of the place markers. Albuquerque, NM-based community-engaged project organized by Sanitary Tortilla Factory artist-in-residence Christine Wong Yap during Summer 2017.

The ’zine (self-published magazine) features maps and excerpts of the contributors’ stories of belonging.

zine map spread zine

Inside the 24-page zine:

  • 5 maps of places of belonging
  • 20 stories of places of belonging
  • a description of the community-engagement process
  • an essay of findings

Download a PDF or purchase a hardcopy ($5).

Zine: Christine Wong Yap, Belonging Zine, 2017, laser output, 8.5 x 7 inches folded, 24 pages, first edition of 150.