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This & That International Mail Art Swap is an exchanage between 32 multi-disciplinary visual artists and collaborative groups, who range from emerging to established, and hail from the United Kingdom and the US, as well as from Vienna, Prague, Manila and Hong Kong. Their mail art submissions condense or represent installation, sculpture, conceptual, video, sound, text, performance and relational practices.

Submissions were exhibited as a curatorial project within Involved, Socially, an exhibition curated by Michelle Blade at Triple Base Gallery in San Francisco, California, USA from August 7–September 6, 2009.

Initiated by Christine Wong Yap in July 2009, This & That is a grassroots exchange by artists for artists.

Please visit the Gallery and Artist Profiles to learn about the art and artists, or visit for photos of the opening reception.

In the News

Read Hiya Swanhuyser's review of “Involved, Socially: Inspiration Name of Game” on or Ari Messer's “‘Involved Socially’: Artists meld life and art” on

Artist Profiles

Poklong Anading (Manila)

Chris Bell (Austrailia/San Francisco)

Simon Blackmore (Manchester)

Simon & Tom Bloor (Birmingham/London)

Jon Brumit & Sarah Wagner (Detroit)

Michelle Carollo (NYC)

Mike Chavez-Dawson (Manchester)

Susan Chen (San Francisco)

Joshua Churchill (San Francisco)

Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson (Berlin/Manchester)

N. Sean Glover (Pittsburg, Penn., USA)

Mary Griffiths (Manchester)

Antony Hall (Manchester)

Taro Hattori (Oakland, Calif., USA)

Eric Hongisto (San Francisco)

Sarah Kabot (Ohio, USA)

Scot Kaplan (Ohio, USA)

Verity-Jane Keefe (London)

Yuen Fong Ling (Manchester)

Ivy Ma (Hong Kong)

David Moises (Vienna)

Ali Naschke-Messing (San Francisco)

Scott Oliver (Oakland, Calif., USA)

Susan O’Malley (San Francisco)

Laurence Payot (Liverpool)

Pest (Rebecca Chesney, Robina Llewellyn & Elaine Speight) (Preston, Lancs)

Anthony Ryan (San Francisco)

David Sherry (Glasgow)

Daniel Staincliffe (Manchester)

Tattfoo Tan (NYC)

Jenifer K Wofford (Oakland/Prague)

MM Yu (Manila)